Updating the firmware of an OCZ Vertex 3 on ubuntu

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Updating a SSD firmware might seem like a big step on linux, as the biggest audience for the ssd manifacturers are windows users.

This means that a lot of tooling and documentation is around on the internet explaing on how todo this on a windows based system.

In the case of OCZ the tool used to update the firmware is linux based, or at least there is a linux based version available. This tool can be used to update the ssd from (Ubuntu) linux, even if it is the primairy disk drive. The steps involved are simple:

  1. Download the tool from OCZ http://www.ocztechnology.com/files/ssd_tools/fwupd_v2.12.05.tar.gz
  2. Unpack the tool: tar xfvz fwup*
  3. Execute the tool as root: sudo ./linux[32 64]/fwupd
  4. Reboot the machine