SuSE linux Enterprise server rpm’s for Git

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Git ( is one of the modern version management systems available at the moment. This tool is still changing a lot in features from version to version, so having an older version available can be a problem for Enterprise environments.

One issue I encountered myself was the lack of (or introduction of) the smart-http transport released in version 1.6.6 ( Extremely useful in an Enterprise environment as it is simpler to manage usernames and passwords then ssh key’s and operating system users.

Unfortunately SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (up to Service Pack 2) does not go any further an version 1.6.0. This meant I had to build my own updated rpm’s.

To build these rpm’s I used the OpenSuSE buildserver, which means that they are available for everybody.
The build rpm’s (with the SuSE patches applied) can be found at:

Packages are provided for:

  • SLES 11
  • SLES 11 SP 1
  • SLES 11 SP 2
At the time of this write, version 1.7.10 is in the making and will be published in a short time.